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The AmazonLord Sport Fishing performs unforgettable expeditions by Amazon rivers, with a complete infrastructure, which ensures complete safety and comfort to the customer.

Sport Fishing season GREAT TUCUNARES AMAZÔNICOS in the Rivers of the Brazilian Amazon, 2nd fortnight from September / 2018 to March / 2019.

Rivers of the Regions of Barcelos and or Santa Isabel do Rio Negro. There are several rivers suitable for Sport Fishing and we always choose in guiding customers to the best fishing spots, observing the conditions of each region, considering the preliminary work of site verification and daily, according to our instruments of support.

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Our Services

Sport Fishing

All activities of the expedition are monitored by trained and qualified professionals. The achievement of a dream for those who enjoy this kind of sport

Ecological Tourism

The adventure and excitement of contact with the landscapes and wildlife of the Amazon forest, following legal principles and respecting the nature

Parintins Festival

Compared to Caranval for its greatness, the Parintins Folk Festival in Amazonas takes place last June in the city of Parintins-AM, also known as "Tupinambarana Island".

Air transport from Manaus-AM to fishing sites.

Grand Caravan Aircraft 10 or 12 people