Ecological Tourism

The luxury yacht AmazonLord takes adventurers by Amazon, Solimoes and Negro. The route begins in Manaus, on the banks of the Rio Negro. The Yacht follows the rivers Solimões and Amazonas, where passengers have the opportunity to see firsthand the Amazon rainforest. Scripts are three or four noits. The tours and excursions include visits by lancha streams and igarapós like Trinchera, Cuieiras walk by the river, at the meeting of the waters and photographic safari in lake Aracari. To let passengers a bit closer to the local culture, happen thematic lectures and folkloric shows during the cruise, and visits to coastal communities. Birds, reptiles - such as the famous alligators - and porpoises are observed during the tour. Who likes to have the opportunity to fish piranha. The Yacht AmazonLord operates on all inclusive system where all meals and drinks are included, except the alcoholic!