Sport Fishing

Fishing in the Amazon is something unique in the world: first to reach the forest, with all the sounds, smells and sights is already something special and exciting. But hook a peacock or a jaú is indescribable. Some people pay fortunes just to get a few hours on the river and bring a souvenir photo. But there are more economical options.

Thousands of species of fish inhabit the rivers of the Amazon. With all its exuberant biodiversity, the Amazon Basin is a mandatory route for lovers of sport fishing. It is a unique place where you can find rivers and lakes clean and preserved amid the wild beauty of its indisputable.
It is important to remember that sport fishing is an activity environmentally friendly and provides unique moments of pleasure to its practitioners, increasingly concerned with the maintenance of the environment and the preservation of fish species, without them the sport can not be practiced.
Converted in recent times in the decoys for tourism, fishing has always been one of the main economic activities of the Amazonian population and its staple food.
There are several species of fish in the many rivers in the region, including the peacock, the golden Amazon and hake. The piranha, carnivorous fish with which to make a broth much appreciated by fishermen, inhabits nearly all the rivers of the Amazon. However, it is rarely found in concentrations sufficient to cause damage that are often assigned. The arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, is found in abundance. The manatee, one of the most exotic species of the Amazon, is endangered by being easy prey for predators.

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Fishing Season

The fishing season in the State of Amazonas varies according to the rise and fall of the water level of the rivers, usually going from:
• JULY to OCTOBER - Fisheries in the south (Rivers: Madeira, Madeirinha, Sucunduri, pineapples, Uatumâ, etc.);
• NOVEMBER to MARCH - Fisheries in the north (Rivers: Negro, Cuiuni, Aracá, Demeni, Urubaxi, Black, White, etc.).

Note: The fishing season may change due to weather conditions in the region.

Fish of the Region

Besides Tucunaré, you can find many other fish for sport fishing in the region, see some examples:


1st Day - Friday The group will arrive in Manaus on Friday, our team will be waiting at the airport Eduardo Gomes to make the transfer to the Quality hotel or similar for an overnight stay.

2nd Day - Saturday - O After breakfast and check out at the hotel, the group will be transported to the airport and boarded chartered flight (depending on the vessel chosen we will use one or two Caravan planes with a capacity of 10 people and 250k of luggage each), to (MANAUS / FISHING POINT), with estimated time of flight between 30min (Nova Olinda do Norte - AM) and 1h20min (Barcelos-AM). After landing at the airport closest to the fishing spot, the group will be transported to the Hotel Amazon Lord Boat, where shortly after boarding, we will have an explanation about the safety regulations of the vessel, and then accommodation of the fishermen in their due Cabins. After the due presentations, we will begin the navigation towards the fishing places.

3rd Day - Sunday - Full day of fishing;

4th Day - Monday - Full day of fishing;

5th Day - Tuesday - Full day of fishing;

6th Day - Wednesday - Full day of fishing;

7th Day - Thursday - Full day of fishing;

8th Day - Friday - Fishing until 12 o'clock. At the end of the fishery, from Friday to Saturday, the group will spend the night at Barco Hotel Amazon Lord, in front of the city (Nova Olinda or Barcelos);

9th Day - Saturday - Around 9:30 am the group will board a chartered flight to Manaus (POINT OF FISHING / MANAUS). After the group arrives in Manaus, we will transfer to EDUARDO GOMES Airport, where we will finish our service.

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